My art represents improvisational processes that mirror feelings and inspirations. The work is often a graphic memoir of reflections on my own history of experience allowing hidden feelings and desires to surface. My work aims to capture the spaciousness of the moment when chaos calls for order.  My arrangements are schematic, inviting the viewer to move into a space of emotion with a desire for acceptance beauty and cohesion.

   Since living in Nyack, the inspiration of light from the east and the view of the Hudson River have elaborated my work from assemblages of found objects and the processes of deconstruction and reconstruction to the exploration of painting watercolors of flowers.  The daily practice of water coloring soon led to the use of other water base paints and glazes creating layered textures that evoke abstract landscapes.

  The Japanese aesthetic of Wabi-sabi and Asian calligraphy capture the core of my intentions by acknowledging the simple realities of: nothing lasts, nothing is finished and nothing is perfect.



  Jayne Feinberg Stuecklen was born in Suffern, NY  and attended Parsons School of  Design, NYC, The Art Students League, NYC and University of  Texas, Austin, TX. She was a recipient of a CETA grant in the early 1970’s in Provincetown MA where she developed programs building playgrounds and outdoor mural projects for children. Her art continued to develop while living in Sandgate, VT with her late husband Karl Stuecklen where she developed a program of art for people with dementia called “ I Am Still Here” in conjunction with the Alzheimer’s Association in Bennington, VT.  She also showed in many local Vermont galleries. She now lives and works in Nyack, NY.